Website Design

Website Design

Just as every business is different, so is every website design. I believe in sitting down and getting to know you, learning the ins and outs of what you do and what you’re hoping your website will accomplish. This prepares me with the skills I’ll need to build you a unique, fully functional website that’s custom-tailored to your business and your audience.homepage2 laptop1 2v9sh0aan39k4fn7aapz40 Website Design


I pay close attention to user experience because your website isn’t doing its job if visitors can’t navigate intuitively and find what they’re looking for. I believe in modern design and I build websites that easily adapt to almost any viewing environment–from a huge computer monitor to an iPhone to an Android tablet or iPad, your website will be looking great on just about any screen!

Website Design


I start every website by sitting down and really getting to know you and your business or project. I’ll research your company and your competitors and I’ll work closely with you to create a site map and wireframe for all of your content.

Once all of the content is gathered, I’ll create an initial mockup for your design and we’ll go back and forth with any revisions you’d like to see until you’re satisfied with a final product. After some coding magic to get your site up and running, I’ll launch it and you’ll have a stunning new web presence!

This, of course, is just a quick summary of my web design and development process. If you’d like to learn more about how I work, check out a more detailed description here. Michigan website design[/vc_column_text]


  • Custom Website Designs
  • HTML 5 Web Design
  • CMS – Content Management Systems
  • Mobile Responsive Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Website Hosting
  • E-commerce (online store) websites
  • E-mail account setup
  • Encrypted email links to make your address invisible to Spam Bots
  • Custom graphics & logo design
  • Vector artwork for printing
  • Photo slide shows
  • On-line photo galleries
  • Product catalogs
  • Digital photo editing & Enhancement
  • Feedback/Customer Request Forms
  • Custom Calendars & Appointment Booking
  • Photo Galleries
  • Advanced Forms
  • Event Calendars – Post meeting and events with google maps, photos and venue information
  • Membership Sites
  • Online Learning sites
  • Department Store type shopping website
  • Google Maps – let customers find you quickly
  • Appointment Calendars – allows customers to make appointments (and pay) right from your Michigan website design. you decide what days and times are available and when a time slot is taken, it is no longer select able by someone else.
  • Text message appointment reminder – Automate your reminders for client appointments!
  • Live Chat Box – Get notified of a chat requests from your desktop without being logged into your website.
  • Search Engine Submission, site verification with Google & Bing & xml sitemap

Many other features are available – just tell me what you need!


So you want to sell things on your website? No biggie!

An e-commerce website is very much like a website built on a CMS, the only real difference is that you’ll be able to sell things. With an e-commerce site, I’ll set up a payment terminal (usually using something like PayPal or Google Checkout), configure your tax and shipping info, and create an easy way for you to constantly add and update your store’s items, review your orders, and track your inventory. Michigan website design


So long are the days of people accessing websites on just a computer screen. These days, you can expect your site to be viewed on just about any screen size: from a 27 inch computer monitor to an iPad screen to a Android phone. Every site I build is designed with mobile adaptability in mind.

The main principle of responsive website design is that your website should be built to scale down to even the smallest of devices. Thus, your site will automatically be mobile-friendly, without having to pay a ton extra for a complete mobile application. Michigan website design


Sure, you have a website. But what good is your site if no one can find it? Enter search engine optimization (SEO), the process of optimizing your website so that search engines, and in turn people, are better able to find you and all of the content you have to offer.

I ensure that every website I build is SEO-friendly, containing things like proper content hierarchy, link structure, keywords, and more. Looking for a more in-depth SEO strategy? Let me know! We can work together to create a long-term plan that is sure to drive increased traffic to your website.


If you’ve already purchased your domain name and have secured hosting for your website to-be, that’s great! I’ll just need to get some log in information from you closer to launch time, then I’ll ensure that your new website is up and running using your existing domain name and web host.

Does all of this tech-y lingo make your head spin? That’s okay, I’ve got it under control! I’ll take care of securing your domain name for you at no extra cost, and, for a small monthly or annual fee, I’ll be happy to host your website design


If you’re planning on having a website that’s content-heavy, chances are you’ll want the ability to update things yourself. If you’re not proficient in web coding languages like HTML or CSS, you’ll probably want your website to be built on a Content Management System, or CMS. A CMS allows you to quickly and easily update and add new content to your website from an easy-to-use web interface–no coding experience necessary!

My CMS of choice for most clients is WordPress because it makes small additions like swapping out old content or adding new photos or text a breeze! Of course WordPress isn’t necessarily the best choice for every website, so after evaluating your project thoroughly I’ll be able to make some recommendations on what I think would be best for you.

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